My Little Crony


An interactive visualization of the links between Tory politicians and firms winning government contracts


by Sophie E. Hill


Scroll to zoom in/out

Drag to move around

Hover or tap icons and connections

  Use the drop down menu to select


The lines represent:

― government contracts
― political donations
― other connections (e.g. family/employment)


Thicker lines indicate more valuable contracts or donations.

Learn More

  The code and data for My Little Crony are publicly available on Github. The visualization was produced using the visNetwork R package.

  I’m a full-time graduate student but I try to keep My Little Crony up to date in my spare time. If you think there’s something I should add, you can tweet me or submit a PR on Github.

My Little Crony has been cited in the House of Commons, on BBC Radio 4 and LBC, and covered in the Metro, City A.M., and Byline Times.