Eyeball Regression

An app to help students build intuition around linear regression.

The "Covid Hunters"

Interactive visualisation of the "Covid Hunters", to accompany reporting by Computer Weekly and Byline Times

Euro 2020 player stats

Interactive table of player stats, scraped from UEFA website

Untold Murder podcast

Interactive map of the key players featured in the "Untold Murder" podcast

Crony Connect

An app to search corporate ownership and political donation records.

My Little Crony

Visualizing links between Tory politicians and firms that won contracts during the pandemic

Z-score visualization

An app to help students understand z-scores.

Pray to play?

Visualizing COVID contracts won by firms associated with Plymouth Brethren Christian Church, an Evangelical Christian sect

Confidence Intervals Simulation

A simulation app to help students understand and interpret confidence intervals.

Base Rate Fallacy

An app to help students understand the "base rate fallacy".