Pray to Play?

Following on from the original My Little Crony map, this visualization zooms in on the government contracts being awarded to firms linked to an Evangelical Christian sect: the Plymouth Brethren Christian Church.

Investigative reporting by Byline Times and the non-profit group All the Citizens has uncovered 21 UK companies that appear to have links to the Plymouth Brethren, which have won at least 49 Covid-related government contracts since March, worth as much as £1.1 billion.


  • Scroll to zoom
  • Drag to move around
  • Hover or tap icons and connections for more info
  • Use the drop down menu to select highlight particular nodes

The lines represent:

― government contracts
― other connections (e.g. family/employment)

Thicker lines indicate more valuable contracts or donations.

Sophie E. Hill
Sophie E. Hill
PhD student in Government

My research interests lie at the intersection of political economy and political behaviour.